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Facial treatments


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation method that requires the use of a sterile surgical scalpel to gently "shave" the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, dead skin layer, and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz.  

Dermaplaning is great in aiding in the reduction of sun damage, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. Not only that, your skincare products will penetrate the skin better and makeup will go on so smoothly for a beautiful photo-finish.  

The procedure caps off with your choice of hydro jelly or O2 masque followed by serums and sun protection and lastly, our red light therapy for even more added skin healing and anti-aging benefits.  

There is no downtime to this service and it only takes about an hour.  

Also Called Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy

The microneedling device is used to stimulate the tissue and improve the appearance of the skin. The procedure is performed in a safe and precise manner, utilizing a sterile micro-exfoliating component. The procedure is typically completed in 30 minutes. Treatment time may vary based on the required treatment and anatomic site being treated. This very safe and effective procedure may be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks without the pain of epidermal abrasion. At lower depths, microneedling can also be used to treat acne scarring. Three to five treatment sessions are recommended

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels induce skin rejuvenation and exfoliation by sloughing off the dead layers of cells to encourage new fresh cells to surface. The acids in our peelings inhibit the production of melanin and in this way treat the underlying pigmentation in the skin. Hyperpigmentation generated after peeling is generally caused by not following proper post peel protocol instructions such as not wearing SPF and being outdoors for a prolonged period.


The use of SPF and sun protection after a chemical peel should be no different than any other day. Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tone often look more intense during the summer. Professionals will recommend treating a scar as soon as the wound is in the healing state as it is more responsive to treatment. This may also apply to pigment. Peeling the skin when the damage is newly acquired may prevent the pigment forming in the dermal layers of the skin. Old pigmentation which has been present for years, is much more difficult to treat than newly acquired pigmentation.

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